ID:               49954
 Updated by:
 Reported By:      rgr at woodwing dot com
-Status:           Assigned
+Status:           Feedback
 Bug Type:         *Encryption and hash functions
 Operating System: win32 only - Win XP 64-bit
 PHP Version:      5.3.0
 Assigned To:      pajoye
 New Comment:

I can't reproduce it here. Can you try using a php 5.3 VC9 snapshot

Previous Comments:

[2009-10-30 12:47:59] carlodeboer at me dot com

We are also experiencing problems with this bug. Especially during
testing and pilot studies it is quite common to have short passwords.
Upgrading to PHP 5.3 is not possible with this bug since we have to
support existing installations with short passwords.


[2009-10-27 13:44:50] vdklah at hotmail dot com

This problem is pretty bad; After PHP 5.2->5.3 migration, users having
short passwords are no longer allowed to login (to our system) due to
the crypt mismatch! And, even worse, they are not allowed to change
their password due to the very same problem!


[2009-10-22 11:51:05] rgr at woodwing dot com

The function Crypt() does not work with less than 4 characters in PHP
5.3.0. See the code sample below.

When using 'test' as $user_input and $password it does work correct.

Reproduce code:
>From manual page: function.crypt#Examples

$user_input = 'tes';
$password = crypt('tes'); // let the salt be automatically generated

if (crypt($user_input, $password) == $password) {
  echo "Password verified!";

Expected result:
The comparison should result true.

Actual result:
The comparison returns false.


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