On August 12, 2004 02:44 pm, Chuck Hagenbuch wrote:
> Christ. I was just fixing Ilia's bug that no one was willing to do crap
> about.

I don't know where about you are located, but where I am at, right now it is 
the middle of a business day. Which means most people (myself included) are 
working on paid projects and not PHP stuff. That said I have seen the report 
and was going to look at it this evening. Release candidates that both Andi 
and I release are made for the explicit purpose of detecting these problems.

While Tony and I did not anticipate the problem you reported, this is no 
reason to whine and throw blame around. Your very own hastily thrown "fix" 
had a bug in it.

> I 
> haven't committed anything to php-src in years now and damned if I care
> about the whitespace.

Given that you're commit is mere 4 lines, surely you could take 30 seconds and 
make sure it resembles readable code, no?

> Give respect, get respect. Act like an ass, well, then I'll fix what I
> can how I
> can.



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