Steph Fox wrote:
Erm - I literally downloaded less than an hour before I mailed you. The lib in there has NOT been updated, take a look for yourself at libxml/xmlversion.h where it clearly states:

#define LIBXML_DOTTED_VERSION "2.6.26"
He must not have updated the file.
If you actually download a snap you will see they are builing with .31

The change to the .def file was Edin's builds not being able to build a shared xsl extension (because the export was missing). I had tested with statically built xsl which is why I missed it those few weeks back.

Snaps hasn't worked in ages, but that was originally due to another issue which has since been fixed.

Sorry to have not mentioned this change earlier. I was waiting on Edin releasing the 4.4.8 windows build first (and for some reason he hasn't done it yet).


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