Hi Andrey,

The win32 build is completely broken because of ext/mysqlnd.

Thanks. Dmitry.

Andrey Hristov wrote:
andrey          Mon Jan 28 18:25:51 2008 UTC

  Modified files:              (Branch: PHP_5_3)
/php-src/ext/mysqli mysqli.c mysqli_mysqlnd.h mysqli_nonapi.c mysqli_prop.c php_mysqli_structs.h /php-src/ext/mysqli/tests mysqli_get_client_stats.phpt /php-src/ext/mysqlnd mysqlnd.c mysqlnd.h mysqlnd_enum_n_def.h mysqlnd_libmysql_compat.h mysqlnd_priv.h mysqlnd_ps.c mysqlnd_result.c mysqlnd_result.h mysqlnd_result_meta.c mysqlnd_structs.h mysqlnd_wireprotocol.c mysqlnd_wireprotocol.h Log:
  More optimizations - less MM calls
  Clearly separated fetching (physical reading) from decoding phases (data
  interpretation). Threaded fetching added but disabled as needs more work for
  Windows. For Linux needs some touches to add pthreads if this is enabled,
  probably with a compile-time switch.
  The code reorganisation makes it easy to add also async API, similar to
  cURL's one.

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