On 01.02.2008, at 23:05, Pierre Joye wrote:

2008/2/1 Marcus Boerger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
Crosspost, hopefully silencing this issue for 5.*

AND 6 will have an E_WARNING or even an E_ERROR on this.

What are the gains?

What are the real reasons behing strictness? I really get annoying by
adding fatal errors all around for no technical reasons. A fatal error
means the engine is getting foo bared and can't do anything sane but

Yes .. I think for PHP we should follow these rules:

1) No fatal errors that are not fatal for the engine
2) throw E_STRICT for anything that makes a CS prof commit suicide

PHP is about solving real world problems and not creating problems that are not there (making on fatal things fatal is creating a non existant problem). if people want to do the right thing in terms of CS they enable E_STRICT .. and if they want E_STRICT to be fatal they can create an error handler that does that for them.


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