Hold your horses. The HEAD commit will come once I work out the final version of this stuff.

Jani Taskinen wrote:

Is it intentional that you don't commit to HEAD at all? Last 3 commits you made were only committed to PHP_5_3 branch..


Rasmus Lerdorf kirjoitti:
rasmus        Tue Mar 18 21:42:51 2008 UTC

  Modified files:              (Branch: PHP_5_3)
/ZendEngine2 zend_execute.h zend_execute_API.c /php-src/main SAPI.c SAPI.h main.c php_globals.h /php-src/sapi/apache mod_php5.c Log:
  exit_on_timeout patch
    After the sigsetjmp change, this is patch #2 in an effort to get some
  sanity restored to signal handling in PHP.
    This patch does two things.  First, it makes it possible to reset the
  timeout without resetting the signal handlers.  This is important for
cases where an extension may have deferred signals in its MINIT in order to implement critical sections. It also lays the groundwork for cleaning
  up our signal handling and perhaps eventually implementing our own
  signal deferring mechanism so we can have true critical sections.
The second thing this does is to make it possible to terminate the current child process (only for Apache1 at the moment) on a timeout. There are a number of extensions that are unhappy about being longjmp'ed out of and when this happens on a timeout they are left in an inconsistent state. By turning on exit_on_timeout you can now force the process to terminate
  on a timeout which will clean up any hanging locks and/or memory left
  hanging after the longjmp.

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