felipe          Thu Mar 27 00:11:22 2008 UTC

  Modified files:              
    /php-src    NEWS 
  This was done in 5.1
Index: php-src/NEWS
diff -u php-src/NEWS:1.2158 php-src/NEWS:1.2159
--- php-src/NEWS:1.2158 Wed Feb  6 10:57:34 2008
+++ php-src/NEWS        Thu Mar 27 00:11:22 2008
@@ -5,8 +5,6 @@
 - Changed dl() to be disabled by default. Enabled only when explicitly
   registered by the SAPI layer. Enabled only with CLI, CGI and EMBED. (Dmitry)
-- Changed "instanceof" and "catch" operators, is_a() and is_subclass_of()
-  functions to not call __autoload(). (Dmitry)
 - Changed opendir/dir/scandir to use default context
   when no context argument is passed. (Sara)
 - Changed open_basedir to allow tightening in runtime contexts. (Sara)

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