Ant Phillips wrote:

>+// renaming existing file to numeric name
>+var_dump( rename($file_path."/rename_variation.tmp", $file_path."/12345") );
>+// ensure that rename worked fine
>+var_dump( file_exists($file_path."/rename_variation.tmp" ) );  // expecting 
>+var_dump( file_exists($file_path."/12345" ) );  // expecting true

We appreciate the new tests.

It would make failed test results easier to understand if the section
comments were echo statements, e.g. the snippet above would be:

  echo "renaming existing file to numeric name\n";
  var_dump( rename($file_path."/rename_variation.tmp", $file_path."/12345") );

  echo "ensure that rename worked fine\n";
  var_dump( file_exists($file_path."/rename_variation.tmp" ) );  // expecting 
  var_dump( file_exists($file_path."/12345" ) );  // expecting true

For tests with subtle variations, numbering the sections (in the echo
statements) eases identification of failing statements.


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