jmertic         Wed Apr 30 20:41:19 2008 UTC

  Modified files:              
    /win-installer      build.bat 
  Fixed problem with building nts builds
Index: win-installer/build.bat
diff -u win-installer/build.bat:1.5 win-installer/build.bat:1.6
--- win-installer/build.bat:1.5 Sat Apr 12 19:24:30 2008
+++ win-installer/build.bat     Wed Apr 30 20:41:19 2008
@@ -6,10 +6,10 @@
 if %phpver%==53 set phpver=52
 set msiname="php-%1-win32-installer.msi"
-if "%2"==nts set msiname="php-%1-nts-win32-installer.msi"
+if %2==nts set msiname="php-%1-nts-win32-installer.msi"
-set suffix=
-if "%2"==nts set suffix="NTS"
+set suffix=""
+if %2==nts set suffix="NTS"
 echo Building ExtensionsComponents.wxs
 Files\php.exe GenExtensionsComponents.wxs.php

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