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On 05.05.2008 11:29, Kalle Sommer Nielsen wrote:
kalle           Mon May  5 07:29:42 2008 UTC

 Modified files:              (Branch: PHP_5_3)
/php-src NEWS /php-src/ext/standard basic_functions.c math.c php_math.h /php-src/ext/standard/tests/math acosh_basic.phpt acosh_error.phpt acosh_variation.phpt asinh_basic.phpt asinh_error.phpt asinh_variation.phpt atanh_basic.phpt atanh_error.phpt atanh_variation.phpt Log: Merge PHP_5_3 - Implemented Windows support for asinh(), acosh(), atanh(), log1p() and expm1()

From what I understood, Windows has nothing to do with this, it was
just one of the platforms missing these functions.
So it should be "made functions X,Y,Z available on all platforms", not
"implemented functions on Windows", because Windows is no special here.

Wbr, Antony Dovgal

Changed it to native =)

Kalle Sommer Nielsen
Danmarks Radio - www.dr.dk

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