bjori           Wed May  7 20:04:05 2008 UTC

  Modified files:              (Branch: PHP_5_3)
    /php-src    NEWS 
  new ini_get_all() parameter
Index: php-src/NEWS
diff -u php-src/NEWS:1.2027.2.547.2.965.2.180 
--- php-src/NEWS:1.2027.2.547.2.965.2.180       Wed May  7 16:01:37 2008
+++ php-src/NEWS        Wed May  7 20:04:05 2008
@@ -141,6 +141,8 @@
     mode of INI_SCANNER_NORMAL or INI_SCANNER_RAW. In raw mode option values
     and section values are treated as-is
   . Fixed get_cfg_var() to be able to return "array" ini options
+  . Added optional parameter to ini_get_all() to only retrieve the current
+    value. (Hannes)
 - Improved and cleaned CGI code:
   . FastCGI is now always enabled and can not be disabled.
     See sapi/cgi/CHANGES for more details. (Dmitry)

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