Hello Greg, Steph,

  at the moment I feel HEAD and 5.3 are out of synch anyway. Given there
there seem to be missing things like making the new OpenSSL signing work,
I would rather spend the combined effort on that. And btw, I couldn't care
less about HEAD so the answer is no.

Anyway. When you edit the Makefile and look for the 'phar.phar:' rule, you
will find '-h auto'. When you turn this into '-h openssl -y foobar', then
you see the new siigning fail.

Also, I added phar.phar to the to be installed list. Maybe we should even
add tests for it? That way we would for example prevent it from getting
released broken as we nearly did (well we did for the 2.0alpha and beta
versions so far).

We should also document the phar.phar command as I see it pretty important
to the overall success of the whole phar extension.

any thoughts?


Sunday, June 1, 2008, 6:21:27 AM, you wrote:

> cellog          Sun Jun  1 04:21:27 2008 UTC

>   Added files:                 (Branch: PHP_5_3)
>     /php-src/ext/phar/tests/files       openssl.phar openssl.phar.pubkey 
>                                         private.pem 

>   Modified files:              
>     /php-src/ext/phar   config.m4 phar.c phar_internal.h phar_object.c 
>     /php-src/ext/phar/tests     phar_get_supported_signatures_001.phpt 
>                                 phar_get_supported_signatures_002.phpt 
>                                 phar_setsignaturealgo2.phpt 
>                                 test_signaturealgos.phpt 
>   Log:
>   add openssl signing support.  This adds an extra parameter
>   for the contents of the exported private key to
> Phar->setSignatureAlgorithm, and expects the public key to be in
>   a file named blah.phar.pubkey in the same directory as the phar
> blah.phar.  This works with openssl static or
>   shared and fails gracefully if openssl is not present without adding a
> dependency. config.w32 needs updating to match config.m4 [DOC]

Best regards,
 Marcus                            mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

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