Hi Felipe,

This patch breaks some existent code that worked fine before 5.3 (for example ZendFramework).

I understood the inconsistency, but I would prefer to change E_ERROR into E_WARNING, so the code which worked with 5.2 will continue work with 5.3.

Thanks. Dmitry.

Felipe Pena wrote:
felipe          Tue Jun  3 14:07:15 2008 UTC

  Added files:                 (Branch: PHP_5_3)
/ZendEngine2/tests magic_methods_001.phpt magic_methods_002.phpt magic_methods_003.phpt magic_methods_004.phpt magic_methods_005.phpt magic_methods_006.phpt magic_methods_007.phpt magic_methods_008.phpt magic_methods_009.phpt magic_methods_010.phpt Modified files: /ZendEngine2 zend_compile.c /php-src/tests/classes __call_005.phpt Log:
  - MFH: Fixed bug #44769 (declaring private magic methods should throw error)

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