tony2001                Wed Jun 11 22:36:05 2008 UTC

  Removed files:               
    /php-src/tests foo foo2 foo3 foo4 odbc-display.php 
                        odbc-t1.php odbc-t2.php odbc-t3.php odbc-t4.php 
                        odbc-t5.php recurse run.html run.php scan_cases 
               test_class_inheritance testarray 
               testarray2 testclassfunc 
                        testcom testcpdf testcpdfclock testdom testfe 
                        testfunc testfunc2 
                        testfuncref testhyperwave testinclude testobj 
                        testpfpro.php tests.dsp tests.mak testscanf.php 
  remove 8 years old tests (not used anyway)

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