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@@ -1,14 +1,12 @@
 MSVC++ project file generation
-The project files generated by projectgen.js are in no way intended
-for building with. There is already a perfectly good Windows build
-system in place. These files are only intended for use in debugging
-and profiling, and are very unlikely to create working binaries.
+These files are only intended for use in debugging and profiling,
+but can be used to create working binaries. However, they are very
+unlikely to match the official PHP distributed binaries.
 With this in mind, the script will only generate basic .dsp files
-for the modules that are currently configured, and a single project
-workspace file to rule them all.
+for the modules that are currently configured.
 The switch for project file generation is a buildconf switch and
 not a configure switch:
@@ -16,10 +14,11 @@
 > buildconf --add-project-files
 > configure ...
-The resulting workspace file should appear at /win32/php.dsw after
-configure is run.
+The resulting workspace files should appear at /win32/phpdll[ts].dsw
+and (if any shared modules are configured) at /win32/php_modules.dsw,
+after configure is run.
-If the .dsw hasn't generated in a sane way, the most likely reason
+If the .dsw files haven't generated in a sane way, the most likely reason
 will be that the template files have become corrupted. They need DOS
 line endings (CR/LF) in order to function. The affected files are:
@@ -30,7 +29,7 @@
 Simply save them with DOS line endings, and bug it to me if basic
 project file generation still fails (as in, you ran the command and
 configure again after saving, and you have a working copy of MSVS
-installed, but clicking on the workspace doesn't give you anything).
+installed, but clicking on the workspace(s) doesn't give you anything).
 - Steph

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