Dmitry Stogov wrote:
dmitry          Thu Jul 10 14:27:21 2008 UTC

  Added files:                 (Branch: PHP_5_3)
/php-src/ext/phar/tests rename_dir.phpt rmdir.phpt /php-src/ext/phar/tests/tar rename_dir.phpt rmdir.phpt /php-src/ext/phar/tests/zip rename_dir.phpt rmdir.phpt Log:
  Added tests that demonstrate serious PHAR errors
  They cannot be easly fixed without algorithms modification

Hi Dmitry,

These tests all demonstrate modification of virtual directories, i.e. directories that are not really in the archive as entries, but simply are part of a path of existing files. However, I think we can easily add support for this by adding an iteration loop at the end of phar_wrapper_rename and phar_wrapper_rmdir implementations that cycles over all of the files and renames their directories. It would be slow, but truth be told, this is only going to be done on phar construction anyways, so performance is not a huge issue there.

There is a similar loop that can be cut/pasted from phar_make_dirstream in phar/dirstream.c that scans all files to find matches that are in the requested directory. With slight modification to the loop the tests will pass (i.e. instead of adding the file to the opendir hash, perform the rename of the directory portion of the filename using a clever spprintf and a few temporary null bytes at directory separator boundaries in the original file, then zend_hash_add a new entry and either remove the old one or mark it deleted if it has open refcounts).

The rmdir implementation should simply fail if any file or directory exists in the virtual directory.

If no one fixes this by August 13 or so, I will try my hand at it.


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