nlopess         Thu Jul 17 14:33:36 2008 UTC

  Modified files:              (Branch: PHP_4_4)
    /php-src/main       php_compat.h 
  update PCRE symbols
Index: php-src/main/php_compat.h
diff -u php-src/main/php_compat.h: 
--- php-src/main/php_compat.h:      Sun Feb 25 18:50:16 2007
+++ php-src/main/php_compat.h   Thu Jul 17 14:33:36 2008
@@ -36,8 +36,8 @@
 #define _pcre_xclass                   php__pcre_xclass
 #define pcre_callout                   php_pcre_callout
 #define _pcre_OP_lengths               php__pcre_OP_lengths
-/* this one doesn't work because pcre.h isn't included from the 
pcre_chartables.c file
-#define _pcre_default_tables           php__pcre_default_tables */
+#define _pcre_utt_names                        php__pcre_utt_names
+#define _pcre_default_tables           php__pcre_default_tables
 #define pcre_get_stringtable_entries   php_pcre_get_stringtable_entries
 #define _pcre_is_newline               php__pcre_is_newline
 #define pcre_stack_free                        php_pcre_stack_free

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