hholzgra                Wed Jul 23 09:06:59 2008 UTC

  Added files:                 (Branch: PHP_5_3)
    /php-src/ext/pgsql/tests    28large_object_import_oid.phpt 

  Modified files:              
    /php-src/ext/pgsql/tests    27large_object_oid.phpt 
  splitted test cases for lo_create and lo_import, added version aware
  SKIP tests
Index: php-src/ext/pgsql/tests/27large_object_oid.phpt
diff -u php-src/ext/pgsql/tests/27large_object_oid.phpt: 
--- php-src/ext/pgsql/tests/27large_object_oid.phpt:     Wed Jul 23 
00:17:19 2008
+++ php-src/ext/pgsql/tests/27large_object_oid.phpt     Wed Jul 23 09:06:59 2008
@@ -1,7 +1,12 @@
-PostgreSQL large object with given oid
+PostgreSQL create large object with given oid
-<?php include("skipif.inc"); ?>
+$v = pg_version($conn);
+if (version_compare("8.3", $v["client"]) > 0) die("skip - requires pg client 
>= 8.3\n");
+if (version_compare("8.3", $v["server"]) > 0) die("skip - requires pg server 
>= 8.3\n");
@@ -33,38 +38,10 @@
 pg_lo_unlink ($oid);
 pg_exec ("commit");
-echo "import LO from int\n";
-pg_exec($db, 'begin');
-$oid = pg_lo_import($db, __FILE__, 21003);
-if (!$oid) echo ("pg_lo_import() error\n");
-if ($oid != 21003) echo ("pg_lo_import() wrong id\n");
-pg_lo_unlink ($db, $oid);
-pg_exec($db, 'commit');
-echo "import LO from string\n";
-pg_exec($db, 'begin');
-$oid = pg_lo_import($db, __FILE__, "21004");
-if (!$oid) echo ("pg_lo_import() error\n");
-if ($oid != 21004) echo ("pg_lo_import() wrong id\n");
-pg_lo_unlink ($db, $oid);
-pg_exec($db, 'commit');
-echo "import LO using default connection\n";
-$oid = pg_lo_import($db, __FILE__, 21005);
-if (!$oid) echo ("pg_lo_import() error\n");
-if ($oid != 21005) echo ("pg_lo_import() wrong id\n");
-pg_lo_unlink ($oid);
 echo "OK";
 create LO from int
 create LO from string
 create LO using default connection
-import LO from int
-import LO from string
-import LO using default connection

Index: php-src/ext/pgsql/tests/28large_object_import_oid.phpt
+++ php-src/ext/pgsql/tests/28large_object_import_oid.phpt

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