On 25.07.2008 02:21, Moriyoshi Koizumi wrote:
moriyoshi               Thu Jul 24 22:21:42 2008 UTC

  Added files:                 (Branch: PHP_5_3)
/php-src/ext/mbstring/tests zend_multibyte-01.phpt zend_multibyte-02.phpt zend_multibyte-03.phpt zend_multibyte-04.phpt zend_multibyte-05.phpt zend_multibyte-06.phpt zend_multibyte-07.phpt zend_multibyte-08.phpt zend_multibyte-09.phpt zend_multibyte-10.phpt zend_multibyte-11.phpt zend_multibyte-12.phpt

All of these tests fail (except for the first one).

Wbr, Antony Dovgal

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