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Saturday, July 26, 2008, 3:14:07 PM, you wrote:

> dmitry          Sat Jul 26 13:14:07 2008 UTC

>   Modified files:              (Branch: PHP_5_3)
>     /ZendEngine2        zend_API.c zend_API.h zend_closures.c zend_compile.h
>                         zend_execute_API.c zend_object_handlers.c 
>                         zend_vm_def.h zend_vm_execute.h 
>     /ZendEngine2/tests  bug32290.phpt objects_027.phpt 
>     /php-src/ext/reflection     php_reflection.c 
>     /php-src/ext/spl    php_spl.c 
>     /php-src/ext/spl/tests      spl_autoload_007.phpt 
>     /php-src/ext/standard/tests/array   array_map_object1.phpt 
>                                         array_map_object3.phpt 
>     /php-src/ext/standard/tests/general_functions       bug40398.phpt 
>                                                         callbacks_001.phpt 
>   Log:
>   Fixed is_callable/call_user_func mess that had done different things
> for very similar arguments e.g. array("A","B") and "A::B"

As far as I understand it zou did a nice unification of all that argument
handling, just as mentioned in the submit message. However I saw that zou
dropped the zend_function* invoke from struct zend_closure. This was an
optimization as repeated calls no longer needed to recreate the function.
Why was this dropped? Is it because something might change before the
closure gets called a second time? If so how is it a closure then?

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