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Jeff Huang <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Hi,if I use alias list or $HOME/.forward to forward the emails of a id to another email address,The orginal id has no the email's copy. So,if I want to keey a copy of the emails and forward them to another email address,How can I do?

Read the man page; from forward(5):

For example, if user chris had a .forward file containing the following lines: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

One copy of mail would be forwarded to [EMAIL PROTECTED] and another copy would be retained as mail for local user chris.

Regarding "alias list", give more background about your configuration and how you implement aliases. Also take note of the ample documentation available here: And, for good measure, do make sure to read to get the most out of this mailing list.

I guess he has a similar problem as with .forward.

if using local aliases (alias_maps), he should use

foo:    foo, [EMAIL PROTECTED]

if using virtual aliases, he needs

some people are afraid because they think this causes an infinite loop. It does not.

PS. Whois is chris? and why is he sitting on an otherhost? :)

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