felipe          Thu Jul 31 21:24:28 2008 UTC

  Modified files:              (Branch: PHP_5_3)
    /php-src    NEWS 
Index: php-src/NEWS
diff -u php-src/NEWS:1.2027.2.547.2.965.2.234 
--- php-src/NEWS:1.2027.2.547.2.965.2.234       Thu Jul 31 21:12:04 2008
+++ php-src/NEWS        Thu Jul 31 21:24:27 2008
@@ -169,7 +169,7 @@
     the same order as vanilla PHP. (Dmitry)
 - Improved crypt() function (Pierre)
-  . add Blowfish (using implementation from Solar Designer <solar at openwal
+  . add Blowfish (using implementation from Solar Designer <solar at openwall
     dot com>) and extended DES support
   . Make crypt features portable:
     . if no crypt_r, php's implemetation is used (all algo and TS), php can't

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