Antony Dovgal wrote:
> On 01.08.2008 19:08, Pierre-Alain Joye wrote:
>> +ARG_WITH("oci8-11g", "OCI8 support using Oracle 11g Instant Client",
>> "no");
> What's so different in 11g that it requires a special OCI8 version?
> We don't have oci8-10g and oci8-9i, do we?

Someone in the past made that choice and thereby forced all users to
have Oracle 10g libraries.

The code compiles slightly differently with the different Oracle
client versions.  If we only ship the oci8 11g build, then users will
(i) be forced to upgrade Oracle client to 11g (ii) users won't be have
a way to access Oracle 8.1 Databases.


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