On 11/08/2008, Felipe Pena <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> felipe                Mon Aug 11 13:35:49 2008 UTC
>   Removed files:
>     /pecl/sdo/SCA/Bindings/atom       AtomDas.php Atom1.0.xsd
>                                       ServiceRequestHandler.php
>                                       SCA_AtomServer.php RequestTester.php
>                                       .cvsignore xml.xsd
>                                       SCA_ServiceWrapperAtom.php
>                                       xhtml1-strict.xsd Proxy.php
>   Modified files:
>     /pecl/sdo/SCA/Bindings/atom       binding

Soo.. this looks confusing...?

I can't see any changes being made (or files removed for that matter)
browsing viewvc.. and I thought this dir (along with all other IBM
projects) were CLAd and therefore with explicit unavail lines?


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