Hi Jani,

What is the reason of removing "-n and -c" option check in cli/cgi?
It breaks two tests.

Thanks. Dmitry.

Jani Taskinen wrote:
jani            Wed Aug 13 00:49:59 2008 UTC

Modified files: /php-src Makefile.global /php-src/ext/standard info.c /php-src/main php_ini.c /php-src/sapi/cgi cgi_main.c /php-src/sapi/cli php_cli.c /php-src/sapi/milter php_milter.c Log:
  [DOC]- Added methods to change/disable --with-config-file-scan-dir=PATH at
  [DOC]  startup:
  [DOC]  To disable: Override default php.ini by using both -c and -n with
  [DOC]              CGI/CLI or set "PHP_INI_SCAN_DIR" environment variable
[DOC] to an empty string. [DOC] [DOC] To change: Simply set "PHP_INI_SCAN_DIR" environment variable to point [DOC] to another path. - Fixed bug #42604 ("make test" fails with --with-config-file-scan-dir=/some/path)
  - Implemented FR #45114 (Option to change --with-config-file-scan-dir)

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