There is something wrong with this SKIPIF section.

On 15.08.2008 23:01, Pierre-Alain Joye wrote:
Index: php-src/ext/standard/tests/file/popen_pclose_error-win32-debug.phpt
+++ php-src/ext/standard/tests/file/popen_pclose_error-win32-debug.phpt
Test popen() and pclose function: error conditions

if(substr(PHP_OS, 0, 3) != 'WIN' && PHP_DEBUG)) die("skip Not Valid for Linux");

There is a parse error in this line (see "))").
Also I don't get why it's not valid only for debug builds.
And btw Windows and Linux are not the only two systems we support.

if(!PHP_DEBUG) die("skip Not Valid for release builds");
if (!(strpos('MSVC9', $inf) || strpos('MSVC8', $inf))) die("skip Not Valid for build 
done with VC < 8");

And this is the weirdest part of all. Where does this $inf come from?

Wbr, Antony Dovgal

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