Antony Dovgal wrote:
> On 12.08.2008 02:43, Greg Beaver wrote:
>> cellog        Mon Aug 11 22:43:02 2008 UTC
>>   Added files:                 (Branch: PHP_5_3)
>>     /php-src/ext/phar/tests/zip    corrupt_010.phpt    
>> /php-src/ext/phar/tests/zip/files
>>   Modified files:                 
>> /php-src/ext/phar/tests/zip/files
>>                                   Log:
>>   increase code coverage
> MFB?

Will do.  This addition was on the road and I didn't have the new
monster machine, which is now fully set up in the linux appliance so I
can develop several branches at once.  Just ran out of time today (I'm
working on the higher priority non-working bzip2 bug first)


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