On 04.09.2008, at 16:26, Lukas Kahwe Smith wrote:

- So lesson learned from my side (and thanks to the readme for future RMs as well). - Pierre will handle creation of a libming 0.3 compatible ext/ming PECL release
- ext/fbsql history can probably be saved
- ext/fdf and ext/sybase are dead and should probably not be in pecl
- ext/ncurses has been moved a while ago and all is well
- ext/dbase history is not going to be available via cvs.php.net/ pecl unless someone is willing to put in the time

just so that i really learned my lesson i now hopefully restored fbsql, ming, dbase and sybase in PECL. Derick copied the current state from php-src over what we had in PECL and i then restore the state in HEAD and the 5_3 branch in PECL.

hope this works for all ..

ext/fdf is not moved to PECL at all and ext/ncurses, while moved improperly, was moved ages ago and has seen commits in PECL

Lukas Kahwe Smith

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