Hi Antony,

It seems I mistook what you addressed. I thought you were talking about
the situation with per-dir settings because you mentioned it as
PHP_INI_SYSTEM, though, as you said, I failed to think of the runtime

I guess adding (stage == PHP_INI_STAGE_RUNTIME) in the conditions will
fix the problem.


Antony Dovgal wrote:
> On 12.09.2008 23:09, Moriyoshi Koizumi wrote:
>> Hi Antony,
>> Antony Dovgal wrote:
>>> The docs say mbstring.internal_encoding is PHP_INI_ALL, but this change
>>> makes it in fact PHP_INI_SYSTEM.
>>> Also why allow using mb_internal_encoding() and disallow changing the
>>> ini setting?
>> I missed your mail. Sorry for the late reply.
>> As for your question. It's not really an INI_SYSTEM setting. 
> But you can't change it with ini_set() once the request is started,
> therefore it's not INI_ALL anymore.
>> To take
>> account of the other settings that are affected by the value of
>> mbstring.internal_encoding, it turned out the corresponding global entry
>> got to be handled in RINIT. the original INI values are kept by the
>> zend_ini facility separately, so doing so is anyway safe.
> That doesn't answer my question.
> We have mb_internal_encoding(), which updates internal encoding;
> and we have ini_set() which is supposed to do the same, but it fails
> after your patch.
> What was the reason for such changes (breaking BC and such..) and what's
> the point to keep calling it INI_ALL if you can't change it with
> ini_set() anymore?

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