2008/10/31 Andrey Hristov <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> andrey          Fri Oct 31 20:30:34 2008 UTC

>  64bit fixes:
>  - fixes to sprintf modifiers, cleaning warnings
>  - use _t types, like uint64_t instead of uint64, thus skipping series of
>  typedefs.

That's a good step but sadly some changes broke the windows builds and
certainly on other platforms.

Type like "uint", unint16 are not part of of stdint. Part of the errors log:

ext\mysqlnd\mysqlnd.c(442) : error C2065: 'uint16' : undeclared identifier
ext\mysqlnd\mysqlnd.c(442) : error C2059: syntax error : ')'

On windows, please use:


We use (or try to :) now in every extension that needs stdint, see
fileinfo or standard/crypt API for examples.

Feel free to come to me if you need any further info or tests (or a hand).


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