Re: [PHP-CVS] cvs: php-src(PHP_5_3) / run-tests.php /ext/bcmath bcmath.c /ext/bz2 bz2.c /ext/calendar calendar.c /ext/com_dotnet com_extension.c /ext/ctype ctype.c /ext/curl interface.c /ext/date php_date.c /ext/dba dba.c /ext/dom attr.c cdatasection.c characterdata.c comment.c document.c documentfragment.c domconfiguration.c domerrorhandler.c domimplementation.c domimplementationlist.c domimplementationsource.c domstringlist.c element.c entityreference.c namednodemap.c namelist.c node.c nodelist.c php_dom.c processinginstruction.c string_extend.c text.c xpath.c /ext/ereg ereg.c /ext/exif exif.c /ext/fileinfo fileinfo.c /ext/filter filter.c /ext/ftp php_ftp.c /ext/gd gd.c /ext/gettext gettext.c /ext/gmp gmp.c /ext/hash hash.c /ext/iconv iconv.c /ext/imap php_imap.c /ext/interbase interbase.c /ext/intl php_intl.c /ext/intl/collator collator_class.c /ext/intl/dateformat dateformat_class.c /ext/intl/formatter formatter_class.c /ext/intl/locale loca le_class.! c /ext/intl/msgformat msgformat_class.c /ext/intl/normalizer normalizer_class.c /ext/json json.c /ext/ldap ldap.c /ext/libxml libxml.c /ext/mbstring mbstring.c /ext/mcrypt mcrypt.c /ext/msql php_msql.c /ext/mssql php_mssql.c /ext/mysqli mysqli_fe.c /ext/oci8 oci8.c /ext/odbc birdstep.c php_odbc.c /ext/openssl openssl.c /ext/pcntl pcntl.c /ext/pcre php_pcre.c /ext/pcre/tests 007.phpt backtrack_limit.phpt bug27103.phpt invalid_utf8.phpt invalid_utf8_offset.phpt locales.phpt pcre_anchored.phpt preg_replace2.phpt recursion_limit.phpt skip.ini /ext/pdo pdo.c pdo_stmt.c /ext/pgsql pgsql.c /ext/phar phar_object.c /ext/posix posix.c /ext/pspell pspell.c /ext/readline readline.c /ext/recode recode.c /ext/reflection php_reflection.c /ext/session session.c /ext/shmop shmop.c /ext/simplexml simplexml.c /ext/snmp snmp.c /ext/soap soap.c /ext/sockets sockets.c /ext/spl php_spl.c spl_array.c spl_directory.c spl_dllist.c! spl_fixedarray.c spl_heap.c spl_iterators.c spl_observer.c /ext/sqlite sqlite.c /ext/sqlite3 sqlite3.c /ext/standard basic_functions.c user_filters.c /ext/sybase_ct php_sybase_ct.c /ext/sysvmsg sysvmsg.c /ext/sysvsem sysvsem.c /ext/sysvshm sysvshm.c /ext/tidy tidy.c /ext/tokenizer tokenizer.c /ext/wddx wddx.c /ex

Mon, 03 Nov 2008 05:14:40 -0800

Em Seg, 2008-11-03 às 14:39 +0200, Jani Taskinen escreveu:
> Felipe Pena wrote:
> > felipe              Sun Nov  2 21:19:41 2008 UTC
> > 
> >   Added files:                 (Branch: PHP_5_3)
> >     /php-src/ext/pcre/tests skip.ini 
> >                    
> > 
> >   Modified files:              
> >     /php-src        run-tests.php 
> What does this run-tests.php change do here? Looks like you made the 
> file out-of-sync now with HEAD and PHP_5_2..

Arghhh, reverted... Thanks ;-)

Felipe Pena

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