Hi Marcus,

I'm pretty sure this is a wrong fix - the check for "not shared" replaces
the original check for HAVE_HASH_EXT, which is effectively a global
equivalent to $PHP_HASH. So it should be something like:

 if test "$PHP_HASH" != "no"; then
  if test "$PHP_HASH_SHARED" != "yes"; then
AC_MSG_WARN([Phar: sha256/sha512 signature support disabled if ext/hash
is built shared])

As far as I can tell that acomplishes the same. Onlz zou

German kb? ;)

changed the
original logic a lot rather then trzing to keep as much of it as possible.

Nope. The *original* logic said 'is it there?' Greg changed that to 'is it !shared?' You changed it back to 'is it there?' It needs to be 'is it there && !shared?'

The ext/hash files are already included as appropriate in phar_internal.h
and don't/shouldn't need re-including anywhere else.

Doesn├Ąt matter. This helps me figuring out what is wrong.


Also - it looks like ext/hash needs adding to phar_deps in phar.c (as

Zep, that's a good point.

And config.w32 needs updating to define PHAR_HASH_OK, since there'll be zero hash support under doze otherwise. HAVE_HASH_EXT is at least automatic...!

Since I cannot test on windows I need windows developers like zou to fix

I haven't been able to test 5.3 in months.. I'll fix/test/merge out of PECL & 5.2 once it's working under *nix, but currently it doesn't seem to be working anywhere :)

- Steph

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