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 Modified files:              (Branch: PHP_5_3)
   /php-src    acinclude.m4 configure.in NEWS
 MFH: Detect Sun C compiler and set default flags if it is used
+- Added default flags for suncc compiler. (David Soria Parra)

Thats great.. what are those default flags and "why should I care"?
Hi Hannes,

so the complete list is at http://docs.sun.com/app/docs/doc/819-5265/bjapp?a=view but let me get through the most important parts of the list:

Causes to generate processor specific code.

does optimization based on basic assumptions about the c types e.g. float* will not point to int*.

will simplify floating point arithmetic

will do an analysis of all object files and try to optimize across all object files.

optimize math routines, according to the documentation this might result in slight differences to the std math lib. But I asked some sun engineers and it was considered safe.

So actually I picked options that usually are set by the -fast option, but removed the onces that might cause problems. That's why the list is that long and that's even why I don't use -xO5 but -xO4 to not run in errors (this was recommand by some webstack guy).

The only sad thing is that you still need to set the compiler using the CC env variable as by default we are looking for gcc and ignoring other compilers even though they are the default cc compiler on those machines. I acutally think that this is not desirable.


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