- MFB: Changed while loop in php_sybase_fetch_result_row() to also read rows with
   retcode == CS_ROW_FAIL.
 # Reported by Detlef Neumerkel and Frank Irnich of Sybase

Thanks for this commit :) Please add the NEWS entry as well.

Tried so:

$ cvs ci -m '- Added notes in fixes to ext/sybase_ct' NEWS
COMMITINFO /repository/php-src NEWS
**** Access denied: insufficient karma (thekid|php-src)
    Contact [EMAIL PROTECTED] for access to php-src
cvs commit: Pre-commit check failed
cvs [commit aborted]: correct above errors first!

Could someone w/ sufficient karma commit add these lines to PHP_5_3/NEWS:

- Fixed sybase_unbuffered_query() crashes when not reading all results (Timm)
- Fixed sybase_fetch_*() functions to also read rows with CS_ROW_FAIL (Timm)

Thanks in advance!

- Timm

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