On 09.11.2008, at 12:51, Antony Dovgal wrote:

On 09.11.2008 14:47, Timm Friebe wrote:
Hi, Kalle,


Shouldn't all these changes to sybase_ct not be in HEAD too?

Yes, but I'm focusing on PHP_5_2 and PHP_5_3 for bugfixes and tests at the
moment because both are near to a release:)

That's simply wrong.
You should be working on HEAD and merging the fixes to other branches (if needed).

Hey Timm,

I know there are a lot of rules to digest. Some of them are written down however:

Some or missing or are not quite clear.
I just committed an update to the above document (should show up in an hour or two on that site) that clarifies some of the issues you have run into. Latest version is of course always available in HEAD CVS.

Lukas Kahwe Smith

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