>> [ext/pdo_mysql/tests/pdo_mysql_attr_init_command.phpt]
>> MySQL PDO->errorInfo() [ext/pdo_mysql/tests/pdo_mysql_errorinfo.phpt]
>> MySQL PDO->exec(), affected rows
>> [ext/pdo_mysql/tests/pdo_mysql_exec.phpt]
>> MySQL PDO->exec(), SELECT
>> [ext/pdo_mysql/tests/pdo_mysql_exec_select.phpt]
>> MySQL PDOStatement->errorInfo();
>> [ext/pdo_mysql/tests/pdo_mysql_stmt_errorinfo.phpt]

Those are now fixed, with a few others as well. Others that were
affected by the same change but in the pdo_stmt.c file.

>> And the // comment-style is incorrect, see CODING_STANDARDS file.

This is fixed as well.


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