Antony Dovgal wrote:
On 05.01.2009 14:51, Jani Taskinen wrote:
patch was required because of his parser fixes.
What parser fixes?
Hmm..what does that has to do with the fact that a PHP script should work fine regardless of PHP version? And considering the run-tests.php executes regression tests it's quite a regression if the script itself does not work. :D

In case of a redirect run-tests.php adds "# original source is in <..>" line to the beginning of the test .php file.

This line was ignored previously, but not after those Ilia's patches, so we have that line in the output and all the redirected tests fail, which is what I was trying to fix in rather clumsy way.

That didn't answer the obvious question: does the run-tests.php from PHP_5_3 work in PHP_5_2? :)


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