pajoye          Wed Jan 14 10:18:14 2009 UTC

  Modified files:              (Branch: PHP_5_3)
    /php-src    NEWS 
  - entry for support for PNG gray levels+ alpha  image, loaded as truecolor
Index: php-src/NEWS
diff -u php-src/NEWS:1.2027.2.547.2.965.2.453 
--- php-src/NEWS:1.2027.2.547.2.965.2.453       Wed Jan 14 09:46:34 2009
+++ php-src/NEWS        Wed Jan 14 10:18:13 2009
@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@
 - Deprecated session_register(), session_unregister() and
   session_is_registered(). (Hannes)
+- Added support for gray levels PNG image with alpha. (Pierre)
 - Changed dl() to be disabled by default. Enabled only when explicitly
   registered by the SAPI layer. Enabled only with CLI, CGI and EMBED. (Dmitry)
 - Changed opendir(), dir() and scandir() to use default context when no context

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