Hi Felipe,
backport? If no backport to PHP5_3 please revert these changes and put the appropriate blocks in #ifdef blocks (PHP_MAJOR_VERSION). Please, do it. Because the code base should not change, harder to support with two branches.Thanks!

Felipe Pena wrote:
felipe          Fri Mar 27 19:28:27 2009 UTC

Modified files: /php-src/ext/mysql php_mysql.c /php-src/ext/mysqli mysqli.c mysqli_api.c mysqli_nonapi.c /php-src/ext/mysqlnd mysqlnd.c mysqlnd_debug.c mysqlnd_palloc.c mysqlnd_ps_codec.c mysqlnd_result.c mysqlnd_result_meta.c mysqlnd_statistics.c php_mysqlnd.c /php-src/ext/pcre php_pcre.c Log:
  - Removed:
       - UG(unicode) checks
  - Changed:
       - convert_to_text -> convert_to_unicode

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