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  MFH: Add guidelines for re-releasing
diff -u php-src/README.RELEASE_PROCESS: 
--- php-src/README.RELEASE_PROCESS:     Tue Feb 10 20:45:42 2009
+++ php-src/README.RELEASE_PROCESS      Wed Apr  8 08:39:10 2009
@@ -253,3 +253,38 @@
   II. For PHP5: Set $CURRENT_QA_RELEASE_5 to false
 12. Rebuild the English and Japanese docs (ask Derick)
+Re-releasing the same version (or -pl)
+1. Commit the new binaries to ``phpweb/distributions/``
+2. Edit ``phpweb/include/`` and change (X=major release number):
+ a. If only releasing for one OS, make sure you edit only those variables
+ b. ``$PHP_X_VERSION`` to the correct version
+ c. ``$PHP_X_DATE`` to the release date
+ d. ``$PHP_X_MD5`` array and update all the md5 sums
+ e. Make sure there are no outdated "notes" or edited "date" keys in the
+ ``$RELEASES[X][$PHP_X_VERSION]["source"]`` array
+3. Add a short notice to phpweb stating that there is a new release, and
+highlight the major important things (security fixes) and when it is important
+to upgrade.
+ a. Call php bin/createNewsEntry in your local phpweb checkout
+ b. Add the content for the news entry
+4. Commit all the changes (``include/``, ``archive/archive.xml``,
+5. Wait an hour or two, then send a mail to, and with a text similar to
+the news entry.

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