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So seriously .. Thursday next week we will release RC2. This means a commit freeze for all but build fixes and README commits starting Monday evening. Also with RC2 any feature additions, regardless of how small, will no longer be allowed (when in doubt if a patch is a feature addition or a bug fix, ask one of the RMs). We are looking to really wrap things up quickly now. So if necessary expect an RC3 within 2 weeks after RC2. And we will continue with this cycle until we have a final release.

Just as a reminder, we are now in a commit freeze until we have tagged RC2. If all goes well we will have the tag done sometime tomorrow. Please until then only do commits that are very well tested and that address build fixes. Commits to README's etc are also still legit. When in doubt talk to Johannes and Pierre pr proxy your requests through me (though I am not the one to make technical decisions).

Lukas Kahwe Smith

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