Ok, so it's not a no-op, but a wrong fix for a non-existing problem.

On 08.05.2009 12:35, Matteo Beccati wrote:
> By "no-op" I meant that it's not doing anything in a broader context,
> i.e. it's not decreasing the length integer used by the caller function.
> I've been pointed to the compiler warning (see bug topic of
> http://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=48185) and propery fixed it. When I ran
> the test suite lots of test cases were failing because the output was
> truncated.
> I think that this by itself is the proof that sqlite3_column_bytes() is
> not including the NULL terminator. To be sure I've also checked
> sqlite3.h and couldn't find any reference to that behaviour.
> The comment is wrong and the code is not doing what the comment tells,
> so I thought that a clean up was required, both for consistency and to
> fix the compiler warning.
> Cheers
> --
> M.

Antony Dovgal

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