Ilia Alshanetsky ha scritto:
> iliaa         Tue May 19 19:15:18 2009 UTC
>   Modified files:              (Branch: PHP_5_3)
>     /php-src/ext/pdo_sqlite   sqlite_statement.c 
>   Log:
>   The \0 removal is only needed prior to 3.4.0

I hate to do this (and as a php-src newbie I'm a bit afraid to), but
once again this is simply wrong. The commit breaks compatibility with
sqlite < 3.4.0.

You are trying to fix something that has never been broken. The
sqlite3.h comment was wrong and the missing parens were leading you to
think that the issue existed and was being worked around in PHP.

Otherwise PDO_SQLITE would have been returning strings with trailing
'\0' since Feb 2005 to June 2007, which is quite unlikely. See:

I've verified the compatibility break by compiling PHP 5.3 with a cvs
checkout of sqlite 3.3.8 (-D 2007-01-01). Here's the result of one of
the many failing tests:

TEST 6/14 [ext/pdo_sqlite/tests/bug46139.phpt]
002+ 'fo'
002- 'foo'
004+ 'fo'
004- 'foo'
006+ 'fo'
006- 'foo'

I hope this is enough proof to back up my theory and for you to revert
your latest changes.

Matteo Beccati

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