On 20-May-09, at 10:49 AM, Matteo Beccati wrote:

Ilia Alshanetsky ha scritto:
How did you manage to build 5.3 against 3.0.8, since the config requires
version 3.3.9 or higher?

Good question... configure didn't complain:

checking for sqlite 3 support for PDO... yes
checking for PDO includes... (cached) /root/compile/php-5.3/ext
checking for sqlite3_open in -lsqlite3... yes
checking for sqlite3_key in -lsqlite3... no

but in fact php was built with the bundled version. Funny thing is that
it seemed to be using the old headers as tests are failing and gdb
confirms that the (*len)-- is executed.

Nice, it actually aborted configure when trying to compile against external 3.3.9 sources in 5.3. I wonder why it let 3.0.8 through...

Btw, you were right, bad on my part. It seems Sqlite3 header is not entirely correct in saying \0 is included in the byte count, it returns a real length about 4 different version of sqlite <3.4.0 confirm it. Thanks for being so persistent ;-)


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