Is this really correct (rfc1867.c):

- register_http_post_files_variable(lbuf, s+1, http_post_files, 0 TSRMLS_CC);
+ register_raw_var(lbuf, s+1, strlen(s+1), files_vars TSRMLS_CC);

That 'strlen(s+1)' looks kinda wrong..?

And to not cause more compile failures, configure option --enable-maintainer-zts helps. :)


Andrei Zmievski kirjoitti:
andrei          Sat May 23 18:03:27 2009 UTC

Modified files: /php-src unicode-todo.txt /ZendEngine2 zend.c zend_compile.c zend_compile.h zend_globals.h /php-src/ext/filter filter.c /php-src/ext/mbstring mb_gpc.c /php-src/ext/pcre php_pcre.c /php-src/ext/standard basic_functions.c basic_functions.h php_string.h string.c /php-src/main SAPI.c SAPI.h php_globals.h php_variables.c php_variables.h rfc1867.c /php-src/sapi/apache mod_php.c /php-src/sapi/apache2filter sapi_apache2.c /php-src/sapi/apache2handler sapi_apache2.c /php-src/sapi/cgi cgi_main.c Log:
  Implement JIT request decoding support for $_GET and $_POST.

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