pajoye          Thu May 28 13:48:32 2009 UTC

  Added files:                 (Branch: PHP_5_3)
    /php-src/ext/exif/tests     bug48378.jpeg bug48378.phpt 
  - MFH: #48378, exif_read_data() segfaults on certain corrupted .jpeg files
Index: php-src/ext/exif/tests/bug48378.phpt
+++ php-src/ext/exif/tests/bug48378.phpt
Bug #48378 (Infinite recursion due to corrupt JPEG)
<?php if (!extension_loaded('exif')) print 'skip exif extension not 
dirname(__FILE__) . "/bug48378.jpeg", 
Warning: exif_read_data(%s): Invalid IFD start in %s48378.php on line %d

Warning: exif_read_data(%s): Error reading from file: got=x08B4(=2228) != 
itemlen-2=x1FFE(=8190) in %s48378.php on line %d

Warning: exif_read_data(%s): Invalid JPEG file in %s48378.php on line %d

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