Kalle Sommer Nielsen kirjoitti:
2009/6/3 Hannes Magnusson <hannes.magnus...@gmail.com>:
On Wed, Jun 3, 2009 at 03:19, Kalle Sommer Nielsen <ka...@php.net> wrote:
kalle           Wed Jun  3 01:19:33 2009 UTC

 Modified files:              (Branch: PHP_5_3)
   /php-src/ext/bcmath/libbcmath/src   bcmath.h
 MFH: config.h is in this directory, not in ext/bcmath root, fixes 
re-compilation for me
Please read the commit history. This will probably break other stuff.

Its broken for me, if its an issue for others then we need to isolate
it, if i do a fresh nmake and then make a buildconf && configure &&
nmake (after i have made a change), it breaks the build because
config.h isn't in ext/bcmath, but ext/bcmath/libbcmath/src/

Did you try on real OSes? Please keep in mind that Windows comes 2nd, if you "fix" something and it breaks on other OSes, that fix will be reverted.


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