Hi Hannes
        Sure. I have had a quick look at the tests and a number are 
failing on php6.   I will look at fixing up the tests and dropping to cvs 
when I get a few spare moments. 


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Hannes Magnusson <hannes.magnus...@gmail.com> 
11/06/2009 14:46

andy wharmby <whar...@php.net>
php-cvs <php-cvs@lists.php.net>
Re: [PHP-CVS] cvs: php-src /ext/posix/tests posix_getcwd_basic.phpt 
posix_getgrgid_basic.phpt posix_getgrnam_basic.phpt 
posix_getgroups_basic.phpt      posix_getpgid_basic.phpt 
posix_getpgrp_basic.phpt posix_getpid_basic.phpt posix_getppid_basic.phpt 

2009/6/11 andy wharmby <whar...@php.net>:
> wharmby         Thu Jun 11 12:30:59 2009 UTC
>  Modified files:
>    /php-src/ext/posix/tests    posix_getppid_basic.phpt
>                                posix_getpwuid_basic.phpt
>                                posix_mknod_basic.phpt
>                                posix_getgrgid_basic.phpt
>                                posix_getpgid_basic.phpt
>                                posix_getpwnam_basic.phpt
>                                posix_times_basic.phpt
>                                posix_getrlimit_basic.phpt
>                                posix_initgroups_basic.phpt
>                                posix_getcwd_basic.phpt
>                                posix_uname_basic.phpt
>                                posix_kill_basic.phpt
>                                posix_strerror_error_basic.phpt
>                                posix_getgrnam_basic.phpt
>                                posix_getgroups_basic.phpt
>                                posix_getpgrp_basic.phpt
>                                posix_getpid_basic.phpt
>                                posix_getsid_basic.phpt
>  Log:
>  New POISX tests. Tested on Windows (all test SKIP), Linux and Linux 64

I think there are some posix tests in the testfest repo, could you
look at those?


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