Hi Pierre,
Pierre-Alain Joye wrote:
pajoye          Thu Jun 11 17:16:35 2009 UTC

Modified files: /php-src/ext/mysqlnd mysqlnd_wireprotocol.c Log:
  - nuke unused var
Index: php-src/ext/mysqlnd/mysqlnd_wireprotocol.c
diff -u php-src/ext/mysqlnd/mysqlnd_wireprotocol.c:1.29 
--- php-src/ext/mysqlnd/mysqlnd_wireprotocol.c:1.29     Thu Jun 11 17:14:34 2009
+++ php-src/ext/mysqlnd/mysqlnd_wireprotocol.c  Thu Jun 11 17:16:35 2009
@@ -1364,7 +1364,6 @@
        zval **current_field, **end_field, **start_field;
        zend_bool as_unicode = conn->options.numeric_and_datetime_as_unicode;
        zend_bool allocated;
-       void *obj;

I don't like the change and will revert it. In any case, next time you do a change to mysqlnd please merge it with the other branch. In this case change was in HEAD and not merged into PHP5_3. This is not the first time I see this happening. mysqlnd in 5_3 and HEAD _should_ be in sync - exactly the same code except for the cvs tags. This makes the life easier.


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