On 10.06.2009, at 16:43, Johannes Schl├╝ter wrote:

June 10th (today):
 We package RC3, until then only critical
 build fixes and similar which have to go in the RC, after review
 (highlight me on IRC, mail etc.)

June 11th:
 RC3 will be released

June 11th-17th
A small window for critical fixes and again please check beforehand as
 we don't want to introduce any new bugs that late in the game.

June 17th
 In case there were commits after RC3 we will package a RC 4 on
 Wednesday next week

Ok, we are here now. So we are in a commit freeze as of this morning until sometime Wednesday.

When we have tagged RC4, please only commit to 5_3 with the explicit blessing of Johannes until we release 5_3 stable or announce an extension of the RC phase.

So far I want to get clarification on how set_magic_quotes_runtime(0) behaves in PHP6. I also talked to Pierre about the late changes in windows (which Johannes and I were aware of since weeks). Its clear that this change will not hold up any releases. Pierre will revert if necessary.

June 18th
 If needed publish RC4

June 18th - June 24th
 The plan is to repackage RC4 as 5.3.0 final in the beginning of the
 week of the 21st without any further changes so we can test the
 packages. In case something critical, unexpected, pops up please
 notify us asap.

June 25th 2009
 Release PHP 5.3.0 final.

We are still on track for this one.

Lukas Kahwe Smith

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